the ADOPTION process


We believe that ordinary people can make an impact on a youth despite their financial bracket, gender identification, sexual preference, marital status, or color of their skin. We believe that volunteers and potential forever homes can transform our community. We invite you to be one of those people.

Studies show the adoption and permanency are much more likely to be successful when organic and natural relationships occur. Because of this, we never rush adoption. We think it needs to be a choice the child and potential family make together. At The Way Home Adoption, we want our youth to have the opportunity to meet you before any steps toward adoption are made.

We are not a licensing agency. Should you meet one of our youth and decide to pursue adoption, you will need to be licensed and approved by a child-placing agency within our community.

To meet any of our youth, we invite you to complete the necessary background check and training to attend one of our enrichment events.

To begin the process, please email INFO@THEWAYHOMEADOPTION.ORG


Are you wondering if you could be a good match for one of our children?


Hearts Who
Need Homes

These youth have stories of trauma, pain, and immense suffering. Our goal is to give them a family where they can heal and thrive.