could you be a forever home?

These questions can help you determine if you could be a good match

  1. Are you at least 21?

  2. Do you own or rent your own home and have room for a teenager?

  3. Are you single, divorced, married, or widowed?

  4. Are you heterosexual or homosexual? We like you equally!

  5. Are you willing to attend training sessions and consent to background checks?

  6. Are you ready to commit to meeting a child's short-term AND long-term needs?

  7. Is it ok if your kid doesn't call you "mom" or "dad"?

  8. Do you know the difference between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?
    (Bonus points if you have one of these!)

  9. Do you remember doing dumb things as a teenager?

  10. Do you care if your child doesn't want to change his/her last name?

  11. Do you have the stomach to teach a teen to drive?

  12. Do you like surprises?

  13. Have you been called pushy or stubborn?

  14. Do you like doing REALLY hard things?

  15. If you have answered yes to most of these, you could be a great fit to adopt a youth.

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