What we do

The Way Home Adoption provides adoption recruitment and matching services focused on older youth in foster care. We assist youth in care by working on individual cases with a child-centered approach. We collaborate with CPS and traditional Child Placement (adoption) Agencies by including their youth in our program. We support potential parents by giving them the opportunity to know youth so they can make an informed decision about adoption. And we are a service for our community, eliminating the number of children that will age-out and become a startling statistic in our society. When we're asked to explain our work in the simplest way, we say we're a little like a cold case unit and a little like Match.com. We focus on youth that have been in foster care the longest and look to find them permanent homes in a variety of ways.


all that matters

The Way Home Adoption focuses on youth who are lingering in foster care and are at risk of being emancipated with no stable or safe environment. There are more than 11,000 children in Texas, and 1,100 will age out this year. The Way Home Adoption is the only organization in Texas focusing exclusively on these youth.


What we believe

We have core beliefs that shape the framework for our program:

  • We believe that every child, regardless of age, deserves a family.

  • We believe that living in a permanent home has the power to change the trajectory of a child’s future.

  • We believe in family preservation. When able to provide a home free of abuse and neglect, reunification with biological families is our first priority.

  • We believe in preserving and supporting a youth’s current community while providing opportunities to expand their network of support.

  • We believe our youth have a voice that should be heard. We listen to our youth’s desires and preferences and use those to guide our recruitment efforts.

  • We believe that a natural bond is the best beginning to a successful forever. Youth and potential families are given the opportunity to connect without any conversations or commitments to permanency.

  • We believe children thrive in spaces where they can learn about their strengths, gain confidence, and experience environments outside of foster care. We create these enrichment events for youth, while allowing them to simultaneously and naturally connect with potential families.

  • We believe that ordinary people can impact the life of a youth. We believe children can connect with volunteers and forever families despite a person’s financial bracket, gender identification, sexual preference, education level, marital status, or color of skin.


who we are


Ashley Fields
Director of Programs

Kendall Monroe
Director of Development 


Julie Knapp / Chair
Maria Colessides
Adam Faust
Matt Merhan
Michael Schneider
Leah Taubman
Wakeford Thompson
Sarah Thornton Lewis
Angiela Zielinski


Sally Sue Harriss
Development and Marketing Coordinator

Laura Herbert
Family and Community Recruitment Coordinator

Dee Pace
Family Recruitment Coordinator

Kate Tamminga