The Way Home’s strategy comprises three distinct areas that work simultaneously to generate the highest likelihood of finding forever families and creating sustainable bonds. Our program is based on evidence from adoption programs around the country and is shaped by the feedback of our potential parents and the youth we serve.



The Way Home begins by reviewing a child’s case history to identify biological family members, former foster parents, or other significant adults from his/her past and current environments. Circumstances in the lives of their biological family members have sometimes changed drastically since those ties were legally severed long ago. When reconnection efforts are successful, a child leaves foster care, and these cases are closed and do not move forward into our recruitment program.



If no positive past or current relationships can be found, we begin community recruitment. Community recruitment is done through social media, speaking engagements, and highlighting the youth in our Hearts Who Need Homes Gallery. Interested potential families then go through a series of requirements including a training, background check, and a one-on-one interview before having the opportunity to meet any of our youth.


Enrichment+ Engagement

The Way Home Adoption provides enrichment events for our youth that are outside their typical experiences. These encourage self-confidence, emotional growth, positive interaction with peers, teamwork, and community building with other youth and adults. After completing necessary requirements, potential forever families are also invited to attend to begin organic and natural relationships with youth.